How Can I Help?

You can make a difference!


Many public safety professionals donate directly through payroll deduction via organizations like Heart of Florida United Way.  Why?  Because they are on the front lines and know how impossible their jobs would be without organizations that:

  • care for families who suffer a house fire
  • mental health attention for those who are homeless and a danger to themselves
  • provide support and advocacy for victims of violent crimes and domestic abuse

For example, if you donated $20 pre-tax bi-weekly, you would provide five days of shelter for a family or 50 hours of hotline advocacy.  Donate directly, or via your workplace giving program, specifying your non-profit organization.  You won’t even miss it and you may save a life.


This is greatly appreciated and takes on many forms.  Participating in promoting awareness events via conventional promotions and social media helps greatly.  Event participation helps even more.  Higher levels of volunteerism may require qualification involving background checks, but this is only for the safety of those that we pledged to protect.  Look forward to seeing links here that will connect you to organizations that need your help.


If you care about victims, there is a great deal that you can do, as an individual,  to help make sure that they are cared for properly.  If you see entities that are violating victim confidentiality, let law enforcement and social services know immediately.  If you have legislative contacts, encourage them to support victim services and advocacy including any new legislation that promises to protect victims from abusers.  Advocacy can also be as simple as putting up a poster in your workplace and raising awareness of practices of abuse.


Find out about training from your local providers of victim services as well as your local law enforcement agencies.  Check back soon and you will see links here on classes available as well as how to schedule classes that you can organize.